Friday, March 2, 2012

Jaxson's Jungle Cake

Running a few months behind on this blog, but still some cute cakes to highlight and some even cuter babies!

The week of my wedding in June 2011, my former roommate and bridesmaid Courtney told me that her and her husband Todd were expecting!  I was absolutely thrilled for the two of them and couldn't wait for all the baby details.  Courtney was just a few weeks along at the time but her approximate due date was middle of February 2012.

It wasn't more than 2 months later when I found out that I myself was expecting and Courtney was one of the first people I told.  We shared many months of baby names, pregnancy drama and preparations for our little nuggets.

I helped 2 of Courtney's highschool classmates host a baby shower for her in early December and we went with the same jungle animal theme that Courtney had selected for her nursery.  By this time, she had announced that she was having a boy and that Todd was so excited!

I decided to build her diaper cake for her shower to act as a centerpiece for her shower as well as tie into her nursery theme.  Jungle themes are just perfect for boy or girl babies and I loved adding the details to this "Wild Cake."

Front of Jaxson's Jungle Cake
Back of Jaxson's Jungle Cake

Jaxson's Jungle Cake included:
Huggies Snugglers Diapers size 1-2
Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
Small baby bottle
Monkey & Elephant wrist rattles
Lion stroller rattle
Giraffe Ty Beanie Baby
Reversible baby bib
Assorted jungle decorations

Courtney at 29 weeks and me at 23 weeks pregnant
Courtney weeks later threw me a baby shower with the help of two of my highschool classmates in January 2012. 

Little did we know that baby Poehlman wanted to make an early debut and sent Courtney into early labor at just a few days shy of 37 weeks. 

Jaxson Philip Poehlman was born on January 27, 2011 and is home doing great!  I snuggled that little man just this week and Stewart Little is already itching to get outta my belly to meet him.  Kicked him several times in his tushy while I was holding him to let him know who is boss!

I cannot wait for the two of them to grow up together and for Courtney and I to continue our friendship over the years.  Love you all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome Our Newest MVP, Sam!

This past summer, I was approached by a family friend to design a diaper cake for a family who was expecting their 3rd child in August.  The mommy was originally from Glenwood, my hometown, and our family friend wanted to surprise her with a one of a kind diaper cake to welcome her son.

I was extremely nervous accepting this order.  While this was their 3rd pregnancy, they sadly had lost their second child hours after birth to anacephaly.  I follow the mommies blog all about Amelia and her pain in carrying a child knowing the outcome would mean an incredible loss.

The suggested theme was baseball as both parents were HUGE baseball fans and I tried to incorporate as much into the cake as I could about the family.

Sam's MVP Diaper Cake Included:
60+ Huggies Denim Diapers
Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash
Small Bottle
I Love Baseball Ornament
Infant MVP Cap
Assorted Baseball Decorations

On the right side of the picture you will notice the yellow butterfly.  Butterflies are a sign of remembrance of Sam's sister Amelia.  I designed it to hold a baseball card of Sam as Amelia holds the family up and together.  I was incrediby blessed to design this cake and was so pleased with the outcome of everything!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I may be pregnant, but I'm still open for business!

Hey all!  Just a reminder that Lisa's Lullaby Cakes are a great baby shower/holiday gift!  I know there are a lot of expecting mommies out there and I know how much they would love to receive their one-of-a-kind diaper cake customized especially for them.  Get your orders in now!

You can name your price!
You pick the theme!
Can be ready in as little as 48 hrs!

A few theme ideas that are popular right now:

Jungle Animals
Baby Buckaroo (Made with Huggies Denim diapers)
Military (Made with Huggies Camo diapers)
Whhoooo's Having a Baby (Owls are everywhere!)
Baby's 1st Christmas
Snow Baby

Monday, July 18, 2011

California Girls...

The best part about working for VS as long as I did, was that I met a lot of really awesome gals and have made some great friends!  Ashley and Rachel were two of the coolest girls I worked with and I kind of aspired to be like them...even though they were almost 8 years my junior!  They always had a lot of style and even more attitude.  But perhaps thats because they had Nebraska Footballers on their arms ;)

I was just thrilled earlier this summer when the two of them contacted me to come up with a cake for one of their friends who was expecting.  I was so excited to learn that she was from California and had as much spunk as these two.  I immediately had 2 ideas, but had to clarify if she was Beach Cali...or City Cali.  Definately a city girl, so I went to work.

I decided to use Huggies Denim Diapers because as I stated above, these girls have style and so will the baby in these awesome Limited Edition Diapers.  They are just too cute and I loved adding pink details to the cake.

Denim Diva Cake
Looks like the ribbon might have slipped during transport!
This cake includes:
60 Huggies Denim Diapers
Baby Shampoo
Small Bottle
Pink Pacifier
Pink Headband with Flower
Assorted Decorations

The decorations really played off of the Diaper Cake wasn't planned!

Baby Nina's Proud Parents to Be

Go Big Red!

More Baby Updates!

Just a few more baby pics!  So gosh darn cute :)

Joe, Heather and Layton

Layon standing up!!!

From 2 to 4 over night

Rylee & Reid

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Update

So I thought it would be fun to put some pics on here of the babies who have received a diaper cake so you can all enjoy their cuteness! 

                                      Connor and Jennifer at the Spring Game, Still a Sports Fan
                                                              Connor the Silly Monkey
                                                           Briggs got the Jungle Cake!                    
                                                           Whhhooooo is this Cute Baby?
Payton and her Mommy Tif in the Pool!

I hope to add some more pics soon!

My Best Friend's Wedding

Bobbi has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.  She has been more like a sister over the years as she was an only child and we spent countless days and nights together growing up.  So creating a bridal shower cake to accompany her bridal shower I was throwing was crucial.

I got my inspiration fron checking out her registry as well as tying together some of the colors in her house to the invitations.  I decided to make a bathroom towel cake that would go in her guest bathroom of her new house.  The bathroom is multi-colored and very bright, so I had some great choices of color to go with.  I went shopping for invites to see if I could coordinate anything, and decided to go with a brown and bubble gum pink color scheme.

We decorated the shower in pinks and while her wedding colors were guava and mermaid...I know deep down she loved what we did!

Bobbi's Bathroom Towel Cake Included:
1 bath sheet
1 hand towel
1 washcloth
Febreeze air freshner spray
Assorted ribbons and flowers

Sorry for the debris in the background!  Most times a photo is the last thing on my mind so I am lucky if I get one at all!